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₹6000 includes (GST) & Free Delivery All Over India.

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Stays-Hard - A Simple, Cost Effective, Instant ED Solutionnnn

  • Price : Now available at a special price of ₹6000 includes (GST) & Free Delivery All Over India.
  • Sizing : Measure from the public bone to penis tip, with penis comfortably stretched or erect. Stays-Hard-Device also offers additional flexibility of up to 0.5" / 1.3cm either way.
  • Packaging :Stays-Hard-Device (Splint) is packaged in 100% discreet packaging. Please email us if your country does not appear under shipping options :
  • Testimonial : I will freely admit that I was skeptical, and believed I was wasting my money, but I was so wrong. This device is easy to use and, above all, does exactly what it claims it will do! It has given my confidence a huge boost, which is exactly what I've been needing. Injections are the only other reliable technique I've used, but they have significant drawbacks. This product is safe and drug-free. I'm not in the habit of writing unsolicited product reviews, but this really deserves to be better known and more widely used. If you're even considering this, just buy it and see for yourself. Thank you so much for a fantastic personal aid!" Rajiv.

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