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The Stays-Hard-Device is being used all around the globe to help facilitate longer, more pleasurable and successful intercourse. Take a look at what some of our happy customers have had to say...

"I will freely admit that I was skeptical, and believed I was wasting my money, but I was so wrong. This device is easy to use and, above all, does exactly what it claims it will do! It has given my confidence a huge boost, which is exactly what I've been needing. Injections are the only other reliable technique I've used, but they have significant drawbacks. This product is safe and drug-free. I'm not in the habit of writing unsolicited product reviews, but this really deserves to be better known and more widely used. If you're even considering this, just buy it and see for yourself. Thank you so much for a fantastic personal aid!"

Sham Patil

"Dear Sir, I am 52 years old Doctor (General Surgeon) from India. I never had any problem of erection and my relationship very smooth. I purchased the device Stays-Hard-Device just for curiosity and this has done miracle. We never had as much deep penetration that to prolonged duration to completely satisfy us both. I can not believe my luck, it is like we are newly married. Take your own time to apply device and do it relaxed. I recommend this to all married couples from day one for life time. Not for those only with problems. Please learn to apply it properly to get best results, needs just a little practice."


"I find your support a great help."


"The Device fits perfectly and it was easy to put on."


"Thank you, it is perfection and we are now a happily married couple."

Vivek Khairnar

"It has worked a treat!"


"Thank you for excellent customer service!"


"Allows me to keep going, even after early ejaculation, something my partner and I greatly enjoy!"

Rana Sonar

"No pills, no side-effects, what a fantastic device!"


"Thank you really appreciate your excellent service!"


"Has helped restore my confidence tremendously, and can be used after drinking alcohol - fantastic!"


"Extremely comfortable and effective, very easy to use and great results"


"The product is smooth...she didn't even notice it. Stays put and is reliable!"


"Yes I was sceptical, and yes I was wrong, a fantastic product.""

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